TTT 42: Two and a Half Podcasts

Eric thinks that both Charlie Sheen and John Cryer can go fuck themselves for signing up for another season of "Two and a half men".  Rachelle thinks Eric is  being too angry about the stupid show but agrees with him that whoever is responsible for "Ace Ventura Jr." can suck it. Episode Links: Ace Ventura [...]

TTT 39: All Systems Lactivated!

Rachelle's going away for the weekend so Eric is only hours away from getting drunk and passing out on delivery pizza in his "indoor clothes" with the menu screen of "The Waterboy" repeating on the TV. Enjoy the show. Episode Links: Chocolate Fashion Show clips James Bond Sex Puns Calgary Home Podcast Download the [...]

TTT 38: Who’s Nailin’ Tip Tap Tip?

Holy Fucking Shitballs!! I know this is the first episode we've put out in 7 days but Rachelle's being all business owner-y and Eric's watching Sarah Palin pornography so get off our backs. Episode Links: Eric's Hotel Review RIcky Gervais and Thandie Newton read "Who's Nalin' Palin" script Mom Doesn't like Obama Wizard People, Dear [...]