About The Show

Tip Tap Tip is an audio podcast which broadcasts from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Hosted by Eric & Rachelle, we cover odd news items and current events with our own special brand of degenerate humor. Few subjects are off-limits for us, including the detailed (and at times, juicy) specifics of our lives. Because of the unique nature of the podcasting medium, we are free to talk in a way that is at once comfortable and uncensored. Tip Tap Tip generally runs weekly, with episodes lasting about an hour.

The Hosts

Eric –¬†Eric has been involved in a variety of different media before creating Tip Tap Tip. He was the co-editor of the popular Calgary-based magazine Squidmail with Joel Jackson during the 1990’s, and is also a co-host of The Salad Years.Twitter – @ericskilling
Rachelle – When she isn’t busting Eric’s balls on the show or encouraging him to don a leather daddy get-up, Rachelle is keeping it real and busy being awesome.Twitter – @rachelleymay
Guests – We’ve had a lot of guests over all the episodes we’ve done. Click here to see the list.


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