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Tip Tap Tip is an audio podcast from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

For over 450 episodes, Eric & Rachelle, have covered odd news items and current events with their own special brand of degenerate humor.
Few subjects are off-limits, including the detailed (and at times, juicy) specifics of their lives.

Tip Tap Tip is available to listen to on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or your podcast player of choice.

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Recent Episodes

TTT 487: Previous Engagements

Hi Everyone, It's not often we do a weekday morning show but this is how it worked out. So, that ...
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TTT 486: Infinitely Late at Night

Quiet! Don't wake anyone up. In this super-later (Eric & Rachelle both had to have a naps first), your hosts ...
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TTT 485: Background Noise

It's a road show! We record from Studio C (the minivan) occasionally as sometimes we have places to go and ...
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TTT 484: Pardon The Interruption

Eric is still wanting it to be summer all the time. Rachelle can't wait to put on her fall outfits ...
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TTT 483: That Happy Feeling

We're back after a summer break. We have lots to talk about what we've been up to. Also, Eric drops ...
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Episode Flashback —  393: Lock The Doors

Tip Tap Tip taking a bit of a summer break for the month of August. Life is busy between kids, ...
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