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On Podfading

I was recently lent a book by a fellow podcaster called Tricks of the Podcasting Masters. While a bit dated in terms of technology, but it did provide some insights from fellow podcasters about how they achieved success in the early, heady days of podcasting circa 2005.

One thing that struck me as I looked at tips from other couplecasts (a term I personally I don’t like) is how few of them are still around. A lot of them just slowly stopped with no explanation.

I’m not going to be foolish and think that life doesn’t get in the way. It does.  We put out shows because It’s fun and something we both enjoy doing. Once it doesn’t become fun, maybe we’ll move on to something else. I hear putting on puppet shows is awesome. One thing we won’t do is leave you hanging without an explanation.

That being said, podcasting is a selfish act – whether the reasons you do it are personal, fun, or cathartic. However, there comes a point where the show takes on a life of its own as a result of building an audience. They provide feedback on the show, suggest show ideas, and encouragement. They wait for your show to come down the feed.

But what if it doesn’t come?

Well before I was a podcaster I was a podcast listener. I still am. One of my favorite shows in 2005 was a show called Zee and Zed. They did 40 awesome episodes before deciding that they would end the show. They wrote a thanks to their audience in their final post and that was it. It was a bit sad but it was a real classy way to go out.

Podcasters must show a respect for their listeners. If you don’t give a fuck, your audience won’t give a fuck.

Let me set up an analogy for you. Lets say you’re a wife of a soldier in the war and the one thing that you look forward to every few weeks in a letter from your man in uniform. At first the letters come like clockwork every week, then every 10 days, every 2 weeks, once a month, and then they just stop. No explanation. Did your husband die? Is he a P.O.W. You’ll never know.

Okay maybe that’s a bit of a stretch but who doesn’t feel like a lonely war wife when their favorite show just stops? Just me? Really? Just me?

What are your thoughts? What are some of your favorite podfaded shows? Am I a weirdo who imagines himself wearing the clothing of a 1940’s housewife?

Looking forward to your feedback.


4 responses to “On Podfading”

  1. I too enjoy wearing 1940 housewife costumes.

    But Zee and Zed was a big one. And the first time the Mr X and Just Julie faded out was traumatic.

  2. Nicely put Eric! Funny, cuz I sometimes worry you and Rachelle will give it up just cuz you're working so hard at it. I mean you are putting a lot into this, for your growing listening audience, but man, 2 shows a week, live, is a hell of a lot to take on! I can imagine you sliding back into once a week, and then maybe skipping a week here and there- and lasting much longer that way. Not suggesting you do- just saying at the rate you're going you could easily burn yourselves out. Or life as you say, life gets in the way- maybe a new life, and then where's the time…

    I too was a huge fan of Zee and Zed- they did come back with Dry Shave- but ya, life entered the picture, and that was that. Hey, do you remember The Poddog Show? He also did one after that, Atomic Suburbia, but that faded too… I wonder what happened to that guy?

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