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  • TTT 424: Cut To Music!

    TTT 424: Cut To Music!

    Back in the saddle…. kind of. In our episode back from our few months break, we decide to record a car show. A very curious child who wants his own podcast results in a shorter than usual episode. We’re still fun though. We are, right? Music Bisquit – Roller Boogie Earth & Fire – Weekend…

  • TTT 420: Friendly Neighbourhood Douchebag

    TTT 420: Friendly Neighbourhood Douchebag

    We have good neighbours. Then we have the jerkfaces that make our lives miserable. How do we deal with them and not go to jail? In this episode we feature stories of the people we’ve dealt with as well as a few others that are completely bonkers. Do you have any crazy neighbour stories? Send…

  • TTT 417: Wrong Party!

    TTT 417: Wrong Party!

    Ever show up at what you thought was a toga party and everyone and there’s a kid’s bouncy castle and a clown? This didn’t happen to us but it almost happened to Rachelle. Find out what happens when you’re the right person at the wrong party; the wrong person at the right party; and what…

  • TTT 402: Family Friendly

    TTT 402: Family Friendly

    Is 2014 over yet? It should be! In our last episode of 2014 we talk about the most important things in life; weird baby names; how to avoid family fights over Christmas and; domestic abuse. Okay, so maybe the last one is a bit serious. However, we do interject it Jingle Cats to make it…

  • TTT 401: Flipping The Script

    TTT 401: Flipping The Script

    It’s that time again. It’s the time where we begin to ramp up to the world’s greatest song contest. But before we do that, we discuss 911 calls and the Thankgiving tradition of getting into arguments with one’s family. Also, happy Canadian Podcasting Day 2014. Music Shamir – On The Regular Sego – 20 Years…

  • TTT 400: Holiday Road

    TTT 400: Holiday Road

    Back from vacation and refreshed as ever. In addition to our riveting vacation tales, we talk beards, catcalling, and drunken awards. Also, it’s episode 400. That’s a thing, right? Music Pink Feathers – Ghosts Lyla Foy – Left To Wonder (Turtle Rework) Download the episode https://media.blubrry.com/tiptaptip/dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/archive.org/download/tiptaptip/ttt400.mp3Podcast: DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | TuneIn | RSS

  • TTT 399: No Ski Jacket Required

    TTT 399: No Ski Jacket Required

    In this last episode of our 300s, we get back to basics. That means a healthy dose of fashion; a dash of racism; and just the right amount of creeps. We’re here because you love us! Calgary’s best podcast. Calgary’s only podcast! Music Dabeull – New Order Claudine Longet – Love Is Blue Download the…

  • TTT 398: Ladies Vs. Gentlemen

    TTT 398: Ladies Vs. Gentlemen

    It’s a battle of the sexes and Eric started it because he can’t keep his mouth shut. It was a nice woman-friendly episode until Eric ruined the end of it with something gross. That sure deserves a punch to the face while sleeping. Calgary’s Only Podcast! Music: Escort – Actor Out Of Work Blood Moon…

  • TTT 397: Quiet On The Set!

    TTT 397: Quiet On The Set!

    In this Canadian Thanksgiving themed episode, Eric annoys Rachelle with sound effects; a smartphone app that takes the fun out of consent; and underwear for germaphobes who like to get it on. Good times all around. We are Calgary’s only Podcast. Music I Saw The Light – Todd Rundgren Follow Me – Amanda Lear Download…

  • TTT 396: Sharing Is Caring

    TTT 396: Sharing Is Caring

    We visit the CBC and laugh at what those amateurs call entertainment. Also, Eric discovers why three is a better number than two. We want to know “Who are you?” Send us an email, voicemail, tweet or whatever letting us know a bit about yourself and how you discovered Tip Tap Tip. We are Calgary’s only…