TTT 423: On The Run

It’s our last show from this studio. We’re packing up and moving in a few weeks. As a result this episode is bit a grab bag. A little bit of this; a little bit of that. It’s all fun though. See you on the other side. Music KOPPS – My Gold Sundayman – On The […]

TTT 404: Tag! You’re It!

The world is a scary place – especially to adults. When we think about all the dumb things we did as kids, it’s surprising we made it out alive. Also, Rachelle goes to Bryan Adams and a strange Eurovision coincidence. All this and more. We are Calgary’s only podcast! Sign up for our newsletter. If […]

TTT 403: Stepping Out

Sometimes you need to get out of a party or a conversation without creating too much fuss. In this episode we discuss our tips, annoyances and times where we messed up in the delicate art of conversation and being a good party guest. Also, sign up for our newsletter. If you want to be able […]

TTT 400: Holiday Road

Back from vacation and refreshed as ever. In addition to our riveting vacation tales, we talk beards, catcalling, and drunken awards. Also, it’s episode 400. That’s a thing, right? Music Pink Feathers – Ghosts Lyla Foy – Left To Wonder (Turtle Rework) Download the episode

TTT 397: Quiet On The Set!

In this Canadian Thanksgiving themed episode, Eric annoys Rachelle with sound effects; a smartphone app that takes the fun out of consent; and underwear for germaphobes who like to get it on. Good times all around. We are Calgary’s only Podcast. Music I Saw The Light – Todd Rundgren Follow Me – Amanda Lear Download […]

TTT 383: Miracle Makers

Getting back to the business of being the best. Rachelle makes fun of Eric. Eric then goes to lengths to prove he is right about something in the last episode. Also, some Eurovision songs. Probably the last batch we play for months which means you can start listening to the show again. Music Den Haan […]

TTT 368: Balls To The Wall

Shane joins us as discuss pick up techniques and east coast donairs. Eric takes up pushes the buttons and turns the knobs as Rachelle and Shane make fun of each other. Best podcast in Calgary still! How do we do it! Listen and find out. Guest: Shane Episode Links Picking Up Girls In A Fat […]

TTT 350: Heavy Hitters

Rachelle is back to bring order to the apparent chaos that was the last show. Eric had fun. What’s the big deal? Good conversation and lots of laughs until Rachelle gets racist near the end. Then things get weird. That’s why we’re the best! Episode Links: Daddy’$ Money Shoes Image Credit: rcpromike Download the episode

TTT 323: Lights Out

Late night episodes are fun episodes. That’s why this episode is the funnest. Things get weird when Eric plays a call of some dude jerking off to a 911 operator. Whoops! Episode Links: Dirty 911 call Japanese Robot Cabaret Download the episode