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  • TTT 379: Replaceable Parts

    TTT 379: Replaceable Parts

      Eric and Rachelle are back after a few weeks. Rachelle is feeling much better after surgery and Eric is still working at cleaning up from last episode. Other stuff happens. Music Robyn – Fembot Chela – Zero Links UK – Molly – Children Of The Universe Denmark – Basim – Cliche Love Song Israel…

  • TTT 337: A Nerd Is A Nerd Is A Nerd

    TTT 337: A Nerd Is A Nerd Is A Nerd

    Eric hates everything; Stupid wars, naked yoga, instagram nerds, and gun nuts. Rachelle hates it when Eric just won’t start the clip and sees the need to be all professional and stuff. After 300 plus episodes you’d think that wouldn’t be an issue but it still is. Still the best podcast in Calgary. What the…

  • TTT 292: Skin Tight

    TTT 292: Skin Tight

    More Eurovision stuff. If you’re sick of it just skip this episode and the one after this for three months. After that we’ll talk about all the dumb shit we usually do. Episode Links: Croatia – Nina Badric – Nebo Ukraine – Gaitana – Be My Guest Georgia – Anri Jokhadze – I’m A Joker…