TTT 253: Does Not Compute

Broken toys. We’re back after missing a show on Sunday. Highlights include our friend Shane’s couch story, and stories of women pushed to the edge. Episode Links: The episodes our special friend Shane has appeared on Jack and Jill Trailer Toddlers and Tiaras teeth bleaching TTT 253 Chat Transcript Lemmy documentary trailer Download the episode

TTT 251: Existential Crisis

Promises. Promises. Eric and Rachelle both step up to the plate in this episode despite being battered and bruised as a result of the weekend. Eric has a revelation and Rachelle takes over. Also, gorillas and explosives. Do you have any favourite moments between episodes 101 – 200? Let us know so we can put […]

TTT 250: Rachelle Is Right

In this episode Eric is wrong and Rachelle is right. Also, we discuss horse semen, mannequin lovers (not the cute 80’s comedy kind), and what we’ve been up to over the last week. Do you have any favourite moments between episodes 101 – 200? Let us know so we can put together another “best of” episode. […]

TTT 249: Psych Out!

Podcast at the edge of time. Guests: Dutch Hey Wagon (Donald, Ryan, Jackie, Troy) Edmonton psych noise band Dutch Hey Wagon join us. We discuss their history, their likes and dislikes and whether they’d eat their own shit reprocessed in burger form. The answers are both exhilarating and illuminating. Episode Links: Dutch Hey Wagon (MySpace) TTT 249 […]

TTT 248: That’s Entertainment

Silly dances and cock socks. Guests: Chris, Arielle, Nigel Episode Links: Garter Girls Burly-Q Revue (Not Garter Girls BBQ despite what Eric thinks) Interview with Raven Virginia Chris Austman Music (Album coming soon!) TTT 248 Chat Transcript Download the episode

TTT 228: Shitting The Bed

Fucking up. Episode Links: Ain’t Gonna Pee Pee The Bed Tonight It’s Cat-Ertainment! 75 Trillion dollars! Go for the 1000 pound gold! TTT 228 Chat Transcript Download the episode

TTT 224: The Tip Tap Tip Detective Agency

We’re on the case! Episode Links: Frustrated Video Dater Traci Lords’ Workout Slovakia – TWiiNS – I’m Still Alive – Eurovision 2011 Croatia – Daria Kinzer – Celebrate – Eurovision 2011 Armenia – Emmy – Boom Boom – Eurovision 2011 UK – Blue – I Can – Eurovision 2011 TTT 224 Chat Transcript Eurovision YouTube Channel Download the episode