TTT 377: Beyond The Valley Of Tip Tap Tip

Want to become dumber? Listen to this episode. It’s like hypnosis but far cheaper. We can’t make your boobs grow bigger though. Music: N’夙川BOYS -プラネットマジック Pegase – Ladybug Links: Macedonia – Tijana Dapcevic – To The Sky Hungary – Kallay Saunders Andras – Running Dumb like Barbie Download the episode

TTT 363: Tough Ticket To Tip Tap Tip

The best obituary ever, surgery gone wrong and so much more. You get what you pay for — which is nothing because this show is free. Also Eric has been too busy watching movies with boobs and stuff blowing up. Links: Hard Ticket To Hawaii Trailer (must watch!) Music: Pl4ddyPunk – Loving The Living Alan […]

TTT 339: Frontin’

Rachelle is sick enough that we’re she to come of the show she would sound like she’s a 12 pack a day smoker. Our high standards of quality forbids that so we have Steve sit in. Steve doesn’t have boobs like Rachelle does but he’s does an admirable job despite his shortcomings. Also, we talk […]

TTT 266: Dick Pics

Our site was down during the first portion of the show. That added plenty of drama. The winner of our T-shirt contest is announced. Plus we talk fashion. Episode Links: Tip Tap Tip website – It’s awesome when it’s up! Scarlett Johansson’s naked boobs and butt Babe Runner Trailer How to dress like cowgirl for […]

TTT 6: Unicorn Lee Roth

Calgary’s best podcast welcomes our very first guest host. In this episode Eric demonstrates the game “Water Bottle Unicorns”, Rachelle reads another chapter in her secret diary in which she out-Running Man’s her friend, and Guest host Mason forgets to tell us his “accidental boobs” story. Guest: Mason Episode Links: My Own Biggest Fan Download […]