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  • TTT 12: Don’t Shit Where You Eat

    TTT 12: Don’t Shit Where You Eat

    Eric replaces his stripping with stammering as he draws from a bad Apple User Group experience to explain why he’s wary of “podcasting communities”. Rachelle again provides the voice of reason. Also, while Daryl from Atomic Suburbia and his dog could handily beat us at any physical challenge, we think we’ve got him beat in…

  • TTT 11: Desperate Measures

    TTT 11: Desperate Measures

    Eric lost his mind somewhere near the forests of Rocky Mountain House, has come back, and performs a spontaneous striptease…..on this episode. Rachelle provides the commentary because it’s an *sigh* audio podcast but you can use your imagination to reenact the horror in your own mind. Also, is Adam Sandler a lost cause? We think…

  • TTT 10: Haters!

    TTT 10: Haters!

    UPDATE: We’re back but are too tired to record a show tonight. I know, I know. I’m a damn liar. We didn’t even record errant squirrel noises while camping. We will definitely be getting you a few shows this week with the first coming at you tomorrow. But hey, don’t fret. You can always get…

  • TTT 9: Bear Hugz

    TTT 9: Bear Hugz

    If there’s one thing Eric doesn’t like besides the cleanse, it’s camping and things in the woods or water that can eat him. Rachelle wears the pants this time around. Episode Links: Angry Bear 20 hours on this?! How to survive alone in the woods with nothing but a hatchet Download the episode DownloadSubscribe:…

  • TTT 8: The Tip Tap Tip Code

    TTT 8: The Tip Tap Tip Code

    It’s day 3 of the cleanse and we can barely stand it anymore. Too bad we kind of cheated and got soy chocolate milk. Eating the Soy jerky was painful though. Seriously Vegans, WTF?! Episode Links: The Asylum – Producers of “Snakes of a train” and “AVH: Alien vs. Hunter” Tasty Eats Ass-Flavored Soy Jerky…

  • TTT 7: Weekend/Weak End

    TTT 7: Weekend/Weak End

    Seriously, someone give me a hamburger already! We’re going food crazy not even a full day into our cleanse and you get to join in on the fun. And by fun I mean us bitching about whole grains. Episode Links: Ramada Hotel Calgary Download the episode DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | TuneIn | RSS

  • TTT 6: Unicorn Lee Roth

    TTT 6: Unicorn Lee Roth

    Calgary’s best podcast welcomes our very first guest host. In this episode Eric demonstrates the game “Water Bottle Unicorns”, Rachelle reads another chapter in her secret diary in which she out-Running Man’s her friend, and Guest host Mason forgets to tell us his “accidental boobs” story. Guest: Mason Episode Links: My Own Biggest Fan Download…

  • TTT 5: Cleanse me up, Cleanse me down

    TTT 5: Cleanse me up, Cleanse me down

    We’re cleaning out our innards starting Saturday. Join us. In the meantime, it’s all donuts and beer. Episode Links: Reclense Herbal Cleanse Old Time Radio Podcasts Download the episode DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | TuneIn | RSS

  • TTT 4: Live! From the Stampede!

    TTT 4: Live! From the Stampede!

    Recorded this episode live from the 2008 Calgary Stampede after eating deep-fried everything. It will take a cleanse or three to get back to normal. Also, be our Mario Kart buddy. send your MK friend code to [email protected] One more thing; By virtue of everything other podcast in Calgary being news broadcast, hockey related; that…

  • TTT 3: Heart Attacks Ain’t Nothing But Trouble

    TTT 3: Heart Attacks Ain’t Nothing But Trouble

    In this back to regular length episode, Eric & Rachelle discuss David Lee Roth, heart attacks, why 600 Starbucks stores closing isn’t big of a deal, and why first world countries are first world countries. Also, we soliciting for reader mail. Any reader mail. We’ll read anything at this point. Send us stuff at: [email protected]