TTT 34: Little April Bloggers

Eric would rather do CPR to Daft Punk than the Bee Gees. Rachelle would rather her clientele not be cross-dressing armed robbers. Is that too much to ask? Episode Links: Like A Mini Mall Download the episode

TTT 33: Breaking The Law!

Voter turnout in the last Canadian election seems to be about the same as listener turnout to this show. In short: Shit-tastic! That being said, Rachelle discusses her brush with the law and Eric’s still in a pissy mood because of that fucking chihuahua movie. Episode Links: Ringo Starr doesn’t want to sign your stupid […]

TTT 32: Kick To The Balls

Eric & Rachelle discuss Arts fundings and how it pertains to the upcoming Canadian election. However, just when you think it’s going to get intellectual, we drop some ball-kicking to bring it back to the level we normally deal with.  That was a close one. Episode Links: Bas Rutten. Boom!!! Download the episode

TTT 31: Dinner’s Ready

Eric & Rachelle record this episode while waiting for dinner to arrive. It does and the episode continues and we discuss things like British boobs and why dummies have made a movie about a talking chihuahua number one this week. Episode Links: What we ate Beverly Hills Chihuahua Download the episode

TTT 30: Tip Tap Tip je t’aime

Jenn from Squidpod joins us and classes up the joint. We discuss torturous workouts and the degradation of grammar and handwriting in Australia.


TTT 29: Ladies Night

Eric & Rachelle go from gutter-talk last episode to pseudo-intellectual wankery in this one. Topics discussed include old-school vs. new-school feminists and assholish things Blockbuster employees do. Like drink prices on ladies night, our pants are also half-off. Episode Links: Alien Talker Download the episode

TTT 28: Between Love and Hate

Mason joins us and takes our usually PG-13 show into XXX territory. Fortunately, Mason is the only person who understands how Eric can both be disgusted and turned on by Nancy Grace. Rachelle is probably packing her bags right now. Guest: Mason Episode Links: Mason Old Time Radio Download the episode

TTT 27: Ain’t no booty like a Tip Tap Tip booty!

Things must be going pretty good for us as we received our first fan letter. Next thing you know we’ll be making outrageous demands on our rider like having a choir of eunuchs sing the Celine Dion version of AC/DC’s “You shook me all night”. Dare to dream. Episode Links: Everything you ever needed (or […]

TTT 26: Bathroom Humor

If Rachelle’s dream of having “Fashion Police” wander the streets of Calgary ever comes to fruition, then Eric is totally done for. Also, SUV does not stand for Sexual Utility Vehicle. Episode Links: Man hearts SUV Perfect Dating Download the episode

TTT 25: Pleather Daddy

Rachelle gives us more business ideas to chew on like having a third party anonymously mail a turd to someone you don’t like for a nominal fee. Eric is in expert negotiator when it comes to hippies in trees. During the day, both are undercover cops posing as students at a local high school. Episode […]