TTT 42: Two and a Half Podcasts

Eric thinks that both Charlie Sheen and John Cryer can go fuck themselves for signing up for another season of “Two and a half men”.  Rachelle thinks Eric is  being too angry about the stupid show but agrees with him that whoever is responsible for “Ace Ventura Jr.” can suck it. Episode Links: Ace Ventura […]

TTT 41: Sexiest Podcast Alive 2008

In this episode Rachelle and our guest Christa discuss the sexiest man alive. Eric tries his best to rein in the gigglefest, fails, and drinks more wine. Guest: Christa Episode Links: Star Trek Trailer Download the episode

TTT 40: Homemaking

Rachelle came back from her retreat on a domestic high and is wanting to make meals all week. Too bad Eric got face-fucked with food on Saturday and is still full. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you expect. Episode Links: Christmas In November Bolero Calgary Maury is a dick Download the episode

TTT 39: All Systems Lactivated!

Rachelle’s going away for the weekend so Eric is only hours away from getting drunk and passing out on delivery pizza in his “indoor clothes” with the menu screen of “The Waterboy” repeating on the TV. Enjoy the show. Episode Links: Chocolate Fashion Show clips James Bond Sex Puns Calgary Home Podcast Download the […]

TTT 38: Who’s Nailin’ Tip Tap Tip?

Holy Fucking Shitballs!! I know this is the first episode we’ve put out in 7 days but Rachelle’s being all business owner-y and Eric’s watching Sarah Palin pornography so get off our backs. Episode Links: Eric’s Hotel Review RIcky Gervais and Thandie Newton read “Who’s Nalin’ Palin” script Mom Doesn’t like Obama Wizard People, Dear […]

TTT 37: Workplace Violence

Live from a Vancouver hotel room!!! Eric and Rachelle are joined by Sean and Jessica for a hotel pizza party. Topics discussed include bacon-flavored everything and killing oneself on the job accidentally. Guests: Sean, Jessica Episode Links: Workplace Accidents = F.U.N. Baconaisse Download the episode

TTT 36: Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

Eric tortures Rachelle by playing some of the worst of Eurovision over the last few years. Shane astounds us with his impressions which are light years ahead of the shitty ones that we do. All we had to do was feed him dinner (again!) Guest: Shane Episode Links: Jemini – Cry Baby (Eurovision 2003) Scooch […]

TTT 35: Sing Your Stupid Heart Out, Stupid!

Sjoukje joins us as we discuss the Eurovision Song Contest and what entails in a breastfeeding competition. The Tip Tap Tip consensus: distance Guest: Sjoukje Episode Links: Eurovision Song Contest 2008 Winner Download the episode

TTT 34: Little April Bloggers

Eric would rather do CPR to Daft Punk than the Bee Gees. Rachelle would rather her clientele not be cross-dressing armed robbers. Is that too much to ask? Episode Links: Like A Mini Mall Download the episode

TTT 33: Breaking The Law!

Voter turnout in the last Canadian election seems to be about the same as listener turnout to this show. In short: Shit-tastic! That being said, Rachelle discusses her brush with the law and Eric’s still in a pissy mood because of that fucking chihuahua movie. Episode Links: Ringo Starr doesn’t want to sign your stupid […]