TTT 505: Makeover Madness!

Eric & Rachelle return to the Tip Tap Tip studio to talk Rachelle’s recent art show and Eric’s trip to Los Angeles; movie icons back from the dead; and wrap it up with some makeover madness. The Tip Tap Tip Playlist on Spotify Luke Million – Heard it on the Radio (feat. Asta)Kid Sister – […]

TTT 504: Mother of Two

In this special episode recorded live from Artpoint Gallery & Studios Society, Eric & Rachelle talk about her artwork currently on display. We play games with the audience, eat treats, and have fun! The Tip Tap Tip Playlist on Spotify Haiku Hands – JupiterRoosevelt – Yr Love (Midnight Version)

TTT 503: Turn of Phrase

Eric & Rachelle have been busy little bees lately preparing for Rachelle’s upcoming art show. Somehow Tip Tap Tip has gotten roped into it. You’ll have to listen to find out how. Also, we revisit a creep that we talked about in Episode 1. In the 10 years since, he’s still up to no good. […]

TTT 502: Smash The System!

Eric and Rachelle are enjoying the last days of the summer. We’ve accomplished a lot in the last few weeks so be prepared for gloating. In this episode we discuss remastered Big Macs (lame!); anti-sex toilets (hot!); a wedding crasher thief (should have been our idea) and more! Also, Rachelle gets honked at. The revolution […]

TTT 501: Stop Thief!

Andrea joins us for this episode in which we do a lot of catching up. We talk about festivals we’ve gone to and ones we sneaked into. Also, Rachelle is on the verge of starting her own criminal organization. The Tip Tap Tip Playlist on Spotify Channel Tres – Black Moses (feat. JPEGmafia)Fujiya & Miyagi […]

TTT 500: Controversy!

We celebrate episode 500 with a guest that is in part responsible for the show existing at all. Joel joins us from Toronto to talk about aliens, influencers, and helps us relive some of our most embarrassing podcasting moments from before our first episode. It gets greasy. The Tip Tap Tip Playlist on Spotify French […]

TTT 499: Ooh La La!

After a bit of a false start where Eric forgot to hit the “Record” button – and easily the best 5-minutes in Tip Tap Tip history – the show finally gets going. Rachelle breaks a Tip Tap Tip rule and there’s a Missed Connection that occurs right around the corner. Also, we unveil a new […]

TTT 498: Novel Approach

Eric & Rachelle are partied out. It’s tough hosting one party after another we really need to work on spacing things out a little bit more. We learn that our digital assistant is a reflection of the patriarchy but still use it to make fart sounds. We also learn what not to flush down the […]

TTT 497: Adults Only

Well that’s it. Eurovision is done for another year. That’s not all we talk about though. There’s also IKEA podcasts (awesome), Mike Love popping off (Brilliant) and a Game of Thrones Petition (Frig Off Already). All this and more from Calgary’s funnest podcast! Do us a favour and give us a good review on Apple […]