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  • TTT 542: How To Be Popular

    TTT 542: How To Be Popular

    Take it from us. We know cool from Coolio. Rachelle is back after missing last episode! We talk about 1940s dating advice; how when bad is just bad; and look at our first batch of Eurovision 2023 songs. Call us! Seriously, we only mention it like a thousand times but we love voicemail so leave […]

  • TTT 541: Imagine If

    TTT 541: Imagine If

    The youngest son enthusiastically joins the show as Rachelle is sick. As an early graduate of the Tip Tap Tip school of podcast hosting, he brings his own flavour to the show and in a couple of instances upstages Eric. We’ll have to talk to him about that. Topics include: Christmas and New Year recap; […]

  • TTT 540: Candy Corned

    TTT 540: Candy Corned

    Get your giant car-size pumpkins ready because it’s spooky episode! We discuss such scary topics as: halloween costume trends; lazy zombies; how candy corn get made; and why AI generated art scares the pants off actual artists. Double up your underwear because we’re going to scare the shit out of you. Call us! Seriously, we […]

  • TTT 539: Mixed Bag

    TTT 539: Mixed Bag

    Sometimes intentions and execution don’t line up. This was supposed to be a summer recap / 1990s episode and it kind of is – but not really. It looks like we have a new co-host with the youngest child. At least, until he becomes a moody teenager. Call us! Seriously, we only mention it like […]

  • TTT 538: Bored To Tears

    TTT 538: Bored To Tears

    Sometimes life isn’t very exciting and you have to embrace the boring. Local news, the weather, our summer plans. You bored yet? No. Wait to you hear this. Our kids join us so it is a bit chaotic but that’s the norm these days so deal with it. Eric tries his best to keep it […]

  • TTT 537: From Out Of Nowhere

    TTT 537: From Out Of Nowhere

    That’s it! We’re done another Eurovision. The kids join us for part of the episode before getting bored and wandering off somewhere. We go over the 2022 contest – our likes, dislikes, predictions for next year’s content and even play the winning song from the American Song Contest. Spoiler Alert: It’s trash. Leave a Voicemail: 310-584-7827 […]

  • TTT 536: Quitters Always Win

    TTT 536: Quitters Always Win

    We’re ready to quit! Kids soccer, social media, life. It’s really all just a pile of trash. Does this make us better than the next rube? Absolutely. Because when the going gets tough, peace out. It’s a very Eurovision-heavy episode where we catch up on a bunch of songs we’ve missed so far. Joining us […]

  • TTT 535: Free To Choose

    TTT 535: Free To Choose

    In the episode, we test out a new piece of studio equipment and are dazzled (also confused) by what it exactly does other than make sound effects and record our voices and clips. Lots of song contest talk – Eurovision and the awful American one. It’s that time of year. Eric may have screamed something at […]

  • TTT 534: Tip Tap Tip To Go!

    TTT 534: Tip Tap Tip To Go!

    Food! Who likes it? Everybody! Do we need it to live? Probably! In this episode recorded in Studio K (the kitchen table), we talk a variety of food-related topics; what we like; what we hate; and why do Brussels Sprouts still exist? Also, we look at Eurovision songs from Spain and Italy. No comment. ‪Leave […]

  • TTT 533: Art For Art’s Sake

    TTT 533: Art For Art’s Sake

    It’s another year! Or is it! We don’t know. Time ceases to have meaning in a lockdown. In the art related episode we discuss Rachelle’s new art toys; make not to subtle plugs for Rachelle’s available for sale on her website. We also recall some of the weird things we encountered in art school. We […]