TTT 5: Cleanse me up, Cleanse me down

We’re cleaning out our innards starting Saturday. Join us. In the meantime, it’s all donuts and beer. Episode Links: Reclense Herbal Cleanse Old Time Radio Podcasts Download the episode

TTT 4: Live! From the Stampede!

Recorded this episode live from the 2008 Calgary Stampede after eating deep-fried everything. It will take a cleanse or three to get back to normal. Also, be our Mario Kart buddy. send your MK friend code to One more thing; By virtue of everything other podcast in Calgary being news broadcast, hockey related; that […]

TTT 3: Heart Attacks Ain’t Nothing But Trouble

In this back to regular length episode, Eric & Rachelle discuss David Lee Roth, heart attacks, why 600 Starbucks stores closing isn’t big of a deal, and why first world countries are first world countries. Also, we soliciting for reader mail. Any reader mail. We’ll read anything at this point. Send us stuff at: […]

TTT 2: Eric Ruins The Show

In this extra short 20-minute episode Eric screws up the recording of an angry call from Squidpod’s Joel and Jenn and has to recreate their end of it in post-production. This will go over well. Also, Dmitri The Lover’s highly offensive animations and the reaction from Rachelle upon seeing one. Episode Links: Squidpod Download the […]