TTT 22: Calgary’s Next Top Podcast

Tip Tap Tip gives you their rundown on the premier of America’s Next Top Model. In addition, Eric plays singalong to the new New Kids single “Summertime” while Rachelle watches in awe while eating icing. Download the episode

TTT 21: Provocateurs

Tip Tap Tip asks late artist Martin Kippenberger “You make nice paintings. What’s with the fucking frog?” Also, political analyst Sean “Diddy” Combs gives us his take on John McCain’s choice of running mate. We’re convinced. Episode Links: Martin Kippenberger’s nice paintings Percentage of black people in Alaska Download the episode

TTT 20: Making Up, Making Out

Joel from Squidpod joins us. We’ve resolved our feud and are now podcast BFFs. Feuds seem quite petty when you realize how much Diddy is suffering. Guest: Joel Episode Links: Help a brother out Squidpod Manga-ize Your Face Download the episode

TTT 19: Grammatically Correct

Eric lets us know the secret to his choosing a urinal, movie theatre seat, and bus seat. Rachelle is a lot more easy going when it comes to these things. That’s nothing a paintball gun to the mouth wouldn’t fix though. Episode Links: Republican Vincent Gallo’s Personal Services Download the episode

TTT 18: Hell Bent For Elves

In this episode Eric & Rachelle discuss their favorite Star Trek moments, insulting complete strangers in online poker, and nun beauty contests. Also, Rachelle wants to become an elf. Seriously. Episode Links: She Ain’t Pretty – Northern Pikes Manga-ize Your Face Download the episode

TTT 17: My Dinner with Tip Tap Tip

Rachelle’s sick on the couch with the flu or something so Eric decides to put up an episode regardless. This episode includes over an hours worth of unedited audio from a few months ago at a bar. See if you recognize any voices. See if you recognize your own. See if you can make it […]

TTT 16: Egg On Your Face

Eric thinks that ugly Australian women should moisturize with butter as it may increase their chances. Rachelle wishes she was a homeless sunbather. Episode Links: Smash Shack Manga-ize Your Face! Download the episode

TTT 15: Gone Eatin’

In this extra-sweaty episode Eric & Rachelle discuss Gold vs. Dignity, Glamping, and why Dungeon Masters don’t necessarily make the best debate coaches. Also, Eric discusses his unnatural love of London Drugs. Rachelle rolls her eyes. Episode Links: Cash 4 Gold USA Download the episode

TTT 14: Pizza Party Bubblebath

Shane joins us in the Tip Tap Tip “studio” only because we fed him pizza before the show. In return he gives us his take on hotel management and super-powers. Guest: Shane Episode Links: Make Evilmister eat a Subway Lobster Sandwich. Please comment on his entry. Download the episode

TTT 13: Bride of Tip Tap Tip

Eric thinks Jennifer Tilly is smoking hot. Rachelle doesn’t get it. Then again, Eric Doesn’t get Rachelle’s obsession with Colin Firth in riding boots. However, we both agree that cats in costumes are awesome and that piss bottles are gross. Episode Links: Make Evilmister eat a Subway Lobster Sandwich. Please comment on his entry. Meow […]