TTT 493: Key Takeaways

Eric & Rachelle join you in this in this fun episode. We also discuss our favourite things; what women are doing to their eyebrows in 2019; and what Utah is now allowing adults to do. Eurovision songs from Netherlands, Iceland, Belgium, and Serbia round out this episode. Rachelle has an interesting read into the entry […]

TTT 492: Emotionally Fragile

Eric & Rachelle (and guest Andrea from the Joyful Parenting podcast) have fun talking about grown-up stuff; renovations, kids movies; barfing. Eric goes full-on grump and shit talks a local contest.  before schooling Rachelle and Andrea about the weirdness of Pick Up Artist culture. We then wrap up the show with Eurovision song reviews from […]

TTT 491: One-Sided Relationship

Eric & Rachelle realize that the show is one-sided relationship — but that’s okay. Also, we catch up on: advice with Rachelle bad movies we’ve watched White monkeys in China Eurovision songs from Spain, France, and the Czech Republic We’re Calgary’s funnest podcast. Do us a favour and give us a good review on iTunes and […]

TTT 490: We Care

Welcome to Y2K19. It’s great here in our underground bunker. We’ve got supplies for year and a podcasting rig that will survive the next 1000 or so years. Since we have your attention, listen to us as we: wonder if stalkers are really that bad learn how not to bake cookies learn from our new […]

TTT 489: Lower Your Voice

Hey Gang! We survived Christmas. Now we just have Y2K19 to deal with. In this episode we: recall our Christmas and all the cool stuff we got. regret eating so much garbage over the last week find out what Kevin Spacey has been up to wish we could quit Wal-Mart too think about interesting sculptures […]

TTT 488: I Love Your Ass

It’s almost Christmas and we have a lot to talk about. Everything from: Rachelle’s upcoming art show Rachelle’s new obsession Bad Christmas presents Questionable stories about wedding revenge …and more! We’re Calgary’s funnest podcast.  Do us a favour and give us a good review on iTunes and make sure to spread the word. You can […]

TTT 487: Previous Engagements

Hi Everyone, It’s not often we do a weekday morning show but this is how it worked out. So, that being said, if you are super into: Marrying and having babies with ghosts Creative neighbour revenge Eric & Rachelle’s retirement plans The movie Tim Burton wishes he made then you will really like this episode.  […]

TTT 486: Infinitely Late at Night

Quiet! Don’t wake anyone up. In this super-later (Eric & Rachelle both had to have a naps first), your hosts discover that; People are having sex with ghosts Dumb people are going to the hospital over internet stunts Toddlers are climbing inside machines (at the behest of their parents) to steal a Nintendo Switch and […]

TTT 485: Background Noise

It’s a road show! We record from Studio C (the minivan) occasionally as sometimes we have places to go and it’s hard to get into Studio A. It’s a bit of a loosey goosey show as — while we did have show notes — road shows kind of go where the road takes us. Enjoy […]

TTT 484: Pardon The Interruption

Eric is still wanting it to be summer all the time. Rachelle can’t wait to put on her fall outfits. In this episode, look for: Appearances by the child, a Canadian bridezilla, a female-only island, favourite make out movies, and more! This is Calgary’s funnest podcast. This is Tip Tap Tip! Tip Tap Tip on […]