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TTT 490: We Care

Welcome to Y2K19. It’s great here in our underground bunker. We’ve got supplies for year and a podcasting rig that will survive the next 1000 or so years. Since we have your attention, listen to us as we:

  • wonder if stalkers are really that bad
  • learn how not to bake cookies
  • learn from our new advice columnist
  • navigate the show through the ambient noise of our children breaking things

…and more!

We’re Calgary’s funnest podcast.

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Music (Listen to the Tip Tap Tip playlist on Spotify)

  • Ettienne Daho – Aprez Le Blitz (Yan Wagner Extended Remix)
  • Quruli – ナ ー キ ー · ア イ ン · ザ · ム ​​ジ ー ク Anarchy in the Musik

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