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Episode Flashback —  378: Black Is The New Black

Tip Tap Tip taking a bit of a summer break for the month of August. Life is busy between kids, trips etc. It’s weird. For a summer break, it doesn’t like much of a break for us. We’re really excited to put out new episodes soon. Mostly because, Eric can’t wait to tell you what he did over the summer break. You’ll just have to wait though. Don’t worry, we’ve got older shows lined up to keep you occupied.

In this episode from March 2014, Eric demonstrates that just because something looks easy when demonstrated on the internet, it doesn’t mean you should attempt it yourself — especially if it involves a hard to cleanse, potentially dangerous substance around a child.

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This episode is sponsored by the color black. Rachelle explains why in her 10 minute rant about how Eric is pretty dumb at things. Also, lot of Eurovision songs including Eric’s new favourite ever.


  • ABBA – Santa Rosa
  • Go Wolf – Even God


  • Poland – Donatan & Cleo – Slavic Girls
  • Latvia – Aarzemnieki – Cake To Bake
  • Malta – Firelight – Coming Home
  • Ireland – Can-linn Featuring Kasey Smith – Heartbeat

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