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TTT 408: Not Cool Enough For School

Eric dusts off his junior high school yearbook and find out how he measured up years later. Rachelle lets us know how her high school went and how she may or amy not have invented a new communication medium. Also, Eurovision. Listen to the entries from Ireland, Germany, and Moldova to see who is the “least boring according to Eric.


  • Sarah P – Moving On
  • Beau – One Wing


  • Ireland – Molly Sterling – Playing With Numbers
  • Germany – Ann Sophie – Black Smoke
  • Moldova – Eduard Romanyuta – I Want Your Love

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One response to “TTT 408: Not Cool Enough For School”

  1. ha, listened to everything (except the eurovision stuff). If it’s a Bengal tiger, it’d be from India, not Africa, the movie Rachelle is thinking of is “Freaky Friday” and I’m sorry about Ratlady. She was supposed to be awesome but it just didn’t translate to paper because I’m not an artist like you! I also have some hazy memory of Rewop and Power.

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