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TTT 399: No Ski Jacket Required

In this last episode of our 300s, we get back to basics. That means a healthy dose of fashion; a dash of racism; and just the right amount of creeps. We’re here because you love us!

Calgary’s best podcast. Calgary’s only podcast!


  • Dabeull – New Order
  • Claudine Longet – Love Is Blue

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One response to “TTT 399: No Ski Jacket Required”

  1. If that was the actual jacket, I’m not sure that “O.K.” would properly cover all of my thoughts! I came by to share my first scary movie. It was “The Amityville Horror” in 1979 in the theater. I was 6. Not sure how that happened but I remember being creeped out for weeks. I saw “The Birds” on television around the same time. It was fun being afraid to be in the house AND being afraid to leave the house!

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