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TTT 339: Frontin’

Rachelle is sick enough that we’re she to come of the show she would sound like she’s a 12 pack a day smoker. Our high standards of quality forbids that so we have Steve sit in. Steve doesn’t have boobs like Rachelle does but he’s does an admirable job despite his shortcomings.

Also, we talk a lot about Florida. Lots of weird stuff happens down there so it’s hard not to. Eurovision stuff and possibly the best rollercoaster EVER!

Still the best podcast in Calgary until someone says we’re not.

Guest: Steve


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2 responses to “TTT 339: Frontin’”

  1. Figured you wouldn’t mind me borrowing a short clip from your podcast to add to mine, cuz I said what we all know is true anyway – Tip Tap Tip is Canada’s Best CoupleCast!

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