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TTT 332: Knock Knock

The Dutch sure have a strange way to celebrate Christmas. It involves dressing up in blackface and acting like idiots. Maybe it’s a cultural thing that is lost to North Americans. Also, we got an email from a Houston hip hop artist because we “have an impact in the music industry”. Really? I thought we just talked a lot a shit and played shitty Eurovision songs. We’ll take any praise we can get.

Still Calgary’s Best Podcast. WHAT THE FUCK?! I didn’t think it would be this easy to stay on top but no one has told us otherwise so congratulations to us.

Episode Links:

  • Zwarte Piet
  • Something to say about something
  • Trete Lo

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2 responses to “TTT 332: Knock Knock”

  1. Oh, that “Something to say about something” video is just crazy and, since I live in Tennessee and assume that they MUST live around here somewhere, I will now live in fear that I will bump into them somewhere or, even worse, end up behind them in line at Walmart!

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