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TTT 271: Message Received

We recorded this episode at our friends Leslie and Chris’s  place on their Zoom H4n because we were already there hatching plans. You know, life shit. No clips, no stories. Just our sparkling personalities.

Guests: Leslie, Chris

Episode Links:

  • Dragon Fli Empire  – Mount Pleasant
  • Leslie Bell
  • Seven Story Redhead
  • Human Monkey
  • Monsters trailer
  • Stalker trailer

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One response to “TTT 271: Message Received”

  1. Delighted to hear your guest rightfully identify the American Embassy in Ottawa as a monstrosity! It resembles a giant fist coming up thru the earth, and is surrounded by far more security than could ever be required, to the point where traffic is restricted on one of Ottawa’s main drives. It’s hideous, and sadly represents the mindset of the USA today – angry, fearful, ugly, menacing, and paranoid. It’s an hideous blemish on an otherwise beautiful city.

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