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TTT 265: Imperfect Strangers

We’re joined at Tip Tap Tip HQ by Leslie and Chris. Leslie sets us straight when it comes to reality TV. Chris has our back when the judgement day comes.

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Guests: Leslie, Chris

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2 responses to “TTT 265: Imperfect Strangers”

  1. hey dont worry about the kit kat shit you are never going to win , some fat fuck from the uk will win .
    when i was in calgary i was a winner i always got a ticket but never got a prize , im sure i won that fucking mini van on edmonton trail .
    just love big criss soft tones , plenty of smokes for all , 

  2. Hey hey, I listened to the show today while walking around downtown, looked a bit like a crazy person laughing audibly at the inaudible…… Furthermore, I realize my voice was high pitched but I didn’t realize just how slow I spoke,   the me in my head is much quicker witted.

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