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TTT 222: Queen Of The Galaxy

Have you no shame?

Episode Links

  • Lithuania – Evelina Sašenko – C’est Ma Vie
  • Serbia – Nina – Čaroban
  • Turkey – Yüksek Sadakat – Live It Up
  • Ukraine – Mika Newton – Angely
  • Greece – Loukas Giorkas Feat. Stereo Mike – Watch My Dance
  • Squidpod
  • Bad Film Diaries
  • ScarboroughDude
  • Gnomeo & Go Fuck Yourself

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One response to “TTT 222: Queen Of The Galaxy”

  1. Ya ya- that was me at Podcamp Toronto who shouted out your show sucks during Squidpod Joel’s presentation, cuz I knew you’d know it was just my way of saying you guys are great. It seems funnier now cuz this episode you just put out was one of your best ever! Who knows what all the variables are from week to week- you guys consistently put out a good podcast- but some, like this, are even better. Thank you. Yes I’ll spread the word.

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