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TTT 152: Eating Habits

Meat isn’t murder, it’s fun!

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3 responses to “TTT 152: Eating Habits”

  1. Disqus? More like why are you baiting me with a nacho plate when you guys didn't even talk about nachos as far as I remember-us.

  2. We mentioned nachos in passing as we were discussing a vegetarian diet. Nachos are technically vegetarian though not exactly healthy to have every day as I suggested.

    I got rid of the forums because signing up seemed to be a pain in the ass and no one was using them. With this new comment system you can either type in your name or if you feel like it log in via your Facebook or Twitter account. Fun!

    • Make it your strong suit, chaglenle yourself! I’m probably not a good person to give this kind of advice though, considering that listening to Slayer puts me in a good mood. I’m a hopeless optimist, but I bet you can come up with at least two good things that you experienced today.

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