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TTT 10: Haters!

UPDATE: We’re back but are too tired to record a show tonight. I know, I know. I’m a damn liar. We didn’t even record errant squirrel noises while camping. We will definitely be getting you a few shows this week with the first coming at you tomorrow.
But hey, don’t fret. You can always get the latest episode from our competition if you’ve got 345mb free on your hard drive and 2 hours to spare downloading it.
The night before we leave on our camping trip we manage to offend: 1. People who liked The Dark Knight 2. Anonymous protesters in Guy Fawkes masks 3. Other Calgary podcasters 4. Non-smokers 5. Squidpod Maybe it is a good idea to retreat to the woods so we can wait until this blows over. Next episode will hopefully be recorded from the woods and we’ll put it up when we get back on Monday.
Episode Links:

  • Bumper Music by Mason
  • Join the protest
  • Squidpod

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