TTT 390: Self Destruct

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self destruct 600x600 TTT 390: Self Destruct This episode almost didn’t exist but you’ll have to listen to the end to find out why. You can also fast forward to the end but that would just make you a jerk because you’d miss the parts about Britney’s autotune disaster and stupid devices people where to motivate themselves. We’re still Calgary’s only podcast. For now. We think. Probably. We really have no idea. Music



TTT 389: Shoot ‘Em Up

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shooters 600x400 TTT 389: Shoot Em Up

It’s our sexiest episode ever! Well at least for the first minute or so. In this episode we discuss Beauty Contest, Gun, and Headbanging. Rachelle makes friends on Canada Day and and Eric saves something for the show which annoys Rachelle. Lastly, a listener sets the standard of what we expect when it comes to emails and reviews. Seriously, what’s wrong with the rest of you?

We are Calgary’s only podcast!




TTT 383: Miracle Makers

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miracle 600x395 TTT 383: Miracle Makers

Getting back to the business of being the best. Rachelle makes fun of Eric. Eric then goes to lengths to prove he is right about something in the last episode. Also, some Eurovision songs. Probably the last batch we play for months which means you can start listening to the show again.




TTT 381: Road Hogs

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roadhogs 600x431 TTT 381: Road Hogs

Eric and Rachelle like to podcast. They also like to drive. Sometimes they have to do both at the same time. Brace yourself for over an hour of random car noise, music, and self-defense tips.



We Are Fun!